AppSec Engineer


Embedded Linux development for Internet of Payment Devices with widest variety of technologies possible in embedded world.


  • Development of software using encryption for secure communication systems.
  • Participation in the development of the framework to ensure the required level of security according to the customer’s specification.


  • Linux application development experience for 5+ years;
  • Ability to use svn, git, cross-compilation;
  • C expert level (5+ years of active practise, test will be given);
  • C++ intermediate level (2+ level of active practise);
  • bash/python scripting intermediate level;
  • Understanding of encryption (RSA, AES, symetric/asymetric) and secure web protocols;
  • Intermediate and higher English, both spoken and written. Be able to communicate directly with USA citizens;
  • experience with STM32 is a plus.